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Laser Cut Drill Driver Bit Storage Template - ~1/4" Thick -Imperial

Laser Cut Drill Driver Bit Storage Template - ~1/4" Thick -Imperial

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After using the drill bit organizer I made previously, (see our other listings) I decided to use the same system for storing driver bits that I had lying around everywhere. As you can see from the examples, I just used a scrap of wood and hot glued the donuts and template on. This worked well for my short bits. For the longer ones I cut 4 pieces of 3/8" dowels, drilled 4 holes in a wood scrap and hot glued the template and donuts to the dowels. If you get 2 of the templates you can set up both types like I did.

  • - Note, Shop made wood piece examples not included -
  • This clear acrylic template can be used to create a shop made storage system.
  • The template is 3” x 5". It has 24 holes. It includes 4 3/8" Acrylic Donuts for spacers.
  • Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
  • The price includes 1 acrylic template, and the 4 donuts only.

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