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2 Piece "Retro Flowers" Template Set. Clear 1/8" Thick Acrylic

  • 1799

Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Templates for Quilting Note from the designer:The finished (once sewn into the quilt top) petal size is 6" and the finished flower block size is 12". So the flower block itself is 12.5" square with the seam allowances and the petals are 6.5" square with seam allowances. Each quarter circle block, using the template, is squared to a final size of 3.5" square.

  • Designed for use with the "Retro Flowers" quilt pattern. See finished example in photos
  • Set does have seam allowance and guideline holes
  • Guidelines are laser etched on
  • 1/8" Thick Acrylic
  • Markings are Laser Engraved to not rub off

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