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Mylar 4" Half Hexagon-Point Up- 51 Piece Set - Quilting / Sewing Templates

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Laser Cut Mylar and Acrylic Templates for Quilting, Sewing and Stencils.

  • 50- 14 mil thick Mylar Templates. 1 -1/8" Thick 4 inch Point Up Half Hexagon Acrylic Template
  • Each mylar piece is conveniently engraved with it's size for easy identification. Mylar pieces are sized to fit inside the acrylic template. Can be ironed with low setting.
  • Measures 3.5 inch from corner to corner from the bottom seam allowance lines. Top to Bottom seam allowance line is 2". (A full Hex is 4") Matches up with 4" Hexagon.
  • The Acrylic piece does have the seam allowance and Guideline Holes.
  • Just cut your material around the Acrylic template and you are ready to sew around the Mylar. -Mylar is a trademark of Dupont

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