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Mylar 1.5" Flattened 90° Side Hexagon 51 Piece Set - Quilting / Sewing Templates

  • 3099

Laser Cut Mylar and Acrylic Templates for Quilting, Sewing and Stencils.

  • 50- 14 mil thick Mylar Templates. 1 -1/8" Thick 1.5 inch Flattened 90° Hexagon Acrylic Template
  • Each mylar piece is conveniently engraved with it's size for easy identification. Mylar pieces are sized to fit inside the acrylic template. Can be ironed with low setting.
  • Acrylic Measures 1.5 inch along each seam allowance line. Acrylic Piece has seam allowance and guideline holes.
  • Mylar pieces each have 1.5" sides.
  • Just cut your material around the Acrylic template and you are ready to sew around the Mylar. -Mylar is a trademark of Dupont

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